J.M. Curtis, G. Liu, T.S. Omonov, E. Kharraz
“Polyol Synthesis from Fatty Acids and Oils”
U.S. Patent 9,216,940 B2, Dec 22, 2015 

The invention describes a new process to make polyhydroxylated lipids from renewable sources such as canola, flax and camelina oils. LCG’s unique synthesis creates three functional groups in a single step, allowing for rapid, efficient manufacturing of polyols with control over hydroxyl number and structure. An essentially limitless range of polyols are possible from this platform concept; those ranging from very low to very high hydroxyl numbers and varied but controllable molecular weight distributions.

T.S. Omonov, J.M. Curtis
“Aldehyde Free Thermoset Bioresins and Biocomposites”
U.S. Patent Application 2016/0215088 A1, Jul. 28, 2016

The present invention relates to bio-based resin and composite materials, particularly flexible or rigid thermoset resins of epoxidized oils derived from unsaturated oils, cured with crosslinking carboxylic acids, natural food acids, anhydrides and acid anhydrides, with up to 100% renewable content. In particular, this invention also relates to the aldehyde-free bio-based composites of different lignocellulosic fibers, forestry products and wastes, bonded with the prepolymer solutions of the bioresins of epoxidized vegetable oils cured with natural food acids, carboxylic acids, anhydrides and acid anhydrides that forms flexible or rigid biocomposite materials, with up to 100 % renewable content.

J.M. Curtis, T.S. Omonov, E. Kharraz
“Synthesis of Polyols Suitable for Castor Oil Replacement”
U.S. Patent 10,301,239 B2, May 28, 2019

A method for the preparation of polyol from an unsaturated TAG oil that can function similarly to castor oil in certain applications. The method comprises controlled epoxidation of the TAG oil with an acid and an oxidizing agent to obtain a partially epoxidized TAG oil with desired iodine and oxirane values; hydroxylating the partially epoxidized TAG oil using a monoalcohol and a solid acid catalyst to obtain the polyol. The resulting polyols are comprised of a triglyceride structure and hydroxyl values, viscosities, and colors that are similar to castor oil.

J.M. Curtis, T.S. Omonov, E. Kharraz, X. Kong, M.H. Tavassoli-Kafrani
“Method for Polyol Synthesis from Triacylglyceride Oils”
U.S. Patent 10,189,761 B2 Jan 29, 2019

A method for preparation of polyols from an unsaturated TAG oil involves epoxidizing the unsaturated TAG oil; subjecting the epoxidized TAG oil to transesterification using a diol or a triol in the presence of a catalyst to produce hydroxy alkyl esters of fatty acid epoxides; and hydroxylating the transesterification product using a diol or a triol and a solid catalyst to obtain a polyol with relatively high hydroxyl value and low viscosity.

J.M. Curtis, X. Kong, L. Zhao
“Homogenous Cellulose Nanocrystals – Diols Suspension and Its Reinforced Polyurethane Nanocomposites”
U.S. Provisional Patent Application 62/211,119, Aug 28, 2015

A method for preparation and production of biobased PU reinforced by biobased nanofibers is described.