Our research is dedicated to understanding, finding and developing new chemical conversions to refine novel compounds and useful chemicals and materials from these renewable, natural sources. Our Liprol™ line of polyhydroxylated lipids (polyols) are the result of one stream of research.

These polyols are made from canola oil and various biologically-sourced reaction partners. Liprol polyols are used to make a variety of polyurethane materials such as rigid foams, hard composites, and adhesives.

The Lipid Chemistry Group has also developed an epoxy resin from canola oil feedstocks that bonds to lignocellulosic fibres and can be used to manufacture strong, flexible biocomposite materials.  

The Lipid Chemistry Group is a multi-disciplinary team of scientists and technicians including organic and analytical chemists, and polymer and materials scientists that focuses on applied chemical research of renewable lipids that are available in Alberta such as canola, flax and camelina oils.