Dr. Tolibjon Omonov

Research Associate (PhD-Chem. Eng., MS-Phys (honors))

Office: 3-60B SAB
Tel. Lab.: (780) 492-6878


Research Interest

  • Lipid derived chemicals, reactive intermediates and materials.
  • Biobased epoxides and polyols; biobased polymers and composites; natural fiber composites.
  • Polymer physics and chemistry.
  • Phase morphology development and stabilization in immiscible polymer blends.
  • In-situ, reactive and physical compatibilization of immiscible binary and ternary polymer blends.
  • Polymeric materials structure-properties relationship; crystallization behavior, thermal-mechanical properties of polymers and composites.



Selected Publications

Book Chapters:

T.S. Omonov and J.M. Curtis 
Chapter 7. Plant Oil-Based Epoxy Intermediates for Polymers, pp. 99-125. in: Bio-Based Plant Oil Polymers and Composites, Eds: M.R. Kessler, C. Zhang, S. Madbouly; Elsevier (2016)

P.B.E. McVetty, E. Mietkiewska, T.S. Omonov, J.M. Curtis, D. Taylor, R. Weselake 
Chapter 5. Brassica spp. Oils, pp 113-156. in: Industrial Oil Crops, 1st Edition. Eds:  T. McKeon, D. Hildebrand, R. Weselake, D. Hayes; Academic Press/AOCS (2016)



J.M. Curtis, T.S. Omonov, E. Kharraz, X. Kong, M.H. Tavassoli-Kafrani
“Method for Polyol Synthesis from Triacylglyceride Oils”. U.S. Patent 10,189,761 B2 Jan 29, 2019

J.M. Curtis, T.S. Omonov, E. Kharraz
“Synthesis of Polyols Suitable for Castor Oil Replacement”. U.S. Patent 10,301,239 B2, May 28, 2019

T.S. Omonov, J.M. Curtis. 
“Aldehyde Free Thermoset Bioresins and Biocomposites”. U.S. Patent Application 2016/0215088 A1, Jul. 28, 2016

J.M. Curtis, G. Liu, T.S. Omonov, E. Kharraz,
“Polyol Synthesis from Fatty Acids and Oils”. U.S. Patent US 9,216,940 B2, Dec 22, 2015


Selected Peer Reviewed Manuscripts:

Bruni-Bossio B., Ayranci C., Carey J.P., Omonov T.S., Curtis J.M. 
“Experimental testing of the tensile elastic properties of cellulose braided composites”. Composites Part B, 166, 542–548 (2019)

Omonov T.S., Kharraz E., Curtis, J.M. 
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Omonov T.S., Kharraz E., Curtis, J.M. 
“The Epoxidation of Canola Oil and its Derivatives”. RSC Advances, 6, 92874 – 92886 (2016)

Omonov T.S., Kharraz E., Foley P., Curtis J.M.
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Kong X., Omonov T.S., Curtis J.M.
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Omonov T.S., Kharraz E., Curtis J.M.
“Ozonolysis of Canola Oil: A Study of Product Yields and Ozonolysis Kinetics in Different Solvent Systems”. J. Am. Oil Chem. Soc. 88(5), 689-705 (2011

Omonov T.S., Bouzidi L, Narine S.S.
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Omonov T.S., Harrats C., Moldenaers P., Groeninckx G. 
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Omonov T.S., Harrats C., Groeninckx G., Moldenaers P. 
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Harrats C., Omonov T.S., Groeninckx G., Moldenaers P. 
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Omonov T.S., Harrats C., Moussaif N., Groeninckx G., Sadykov Sh.G., Ashurov N.R. 
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