Clarus 500 GC-FID-ECD

We have PerkinElmer’s Clarus® 500 Gas Chromatograph with full-color, easy-to-use touch-screen interface including flame ionization detector (FID) and electron capture detector (ECD). The Clarus 500 GC provides easy access to columns and excellent temperature control and fast cool-down times for maximum productivity. All temperature and time functions are microprocessor controlled. Software selectable coolant time-out and coolant cut-in temperatures ensure economical subambient operation.

Flame Ionization Detector (FID) supports wide linear dynamic range and no makeup gas required due to efficient sweeping of column effluent by hydrogen combustion gas. Also air flow designed to minimize contamination and residue buildup. Control of hydrogen and air flow is supported through the software including also “Flame out” warning and ready interlock.

Electron Capture Detector (ECD) has a high sensitivity and excellent selectivity and can operate in high operating temperature for maximum stability. Equipped with needle valve for makeup gas and flow of makeup gas is controlled through software. Carrier gas could be either Ar/CH4 or N2. Operating temperature is up to 450 °C in 1 °C increments and the temperature is protected by software