AccuPyc II 1340 Series Pycnometer

AccuPyc® II 1340 Series Pycnometers are fast, fully automatic analyzers that provide high-speed, high-precision volume measurements and density calculations on a wide variety of powders, solids, and slurries. Using a gas displacement technique to measure volume, the AccuPyc II 1340 completes most sample analyses in less than three minutes.

The instrument can be operated with a keypad or an optional Windows® interface that provides exceptional reporting and archiving capability. AccuPyc® II 1340 Series Pycnometer includes direct sample mass input from a balance and cycle-based displacement volume reporting. With the Windows interface, features such as time-based pressure equilibration reporting and additional calculations such as percent solids content and total pore volume are included.

Measures the absolute density of solids and slurries Completely automatic operation and Windows interface provides exceptional reporting and archiving capability Capable of measuring open- and closed-cell foam materials (with FoamPyc software) Temperature-control version allows analysis at user-selectable temperatures